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Deep Ruby Red
Corvina Veronese 100%
structured and intense
17-18°C braise, aged cheeses, dark chocolate

Organoleptic characteristics

It presents itself with an intense ruby red colour. Strong hints of cherry and sour cherry can be perceived on the nose, which are echoed on the palate. The alcohol content of this wine is supported by a high structure provided by an abundant tannic load softened by ageing for about 18/24 months in oak barrels.

Wine Pairing

It is a very structured and intense wine, which pleasantly accompanies braised meats, mature cheeses and mustards. An excellent meditation wine, it can simply be paired with dark chocolate and a good book.


The grapes that will give life to this wine are left to dry for about 2/3 months in crates. After drying, the grapes are destemmed and placed in a steel tank to ferment. The cold winter temperatures ensure that fermentation takes place at a temperature no higher than 10 degrees centigrade (50 degrees Fahrenheit), consequently the fermentation time is lengthened, in fact in some vintages it can exceed 40 days of contact with the skins. Once fermentation is over, the wine is drawn off without pressing the marc, and then racking is carried out to clarify it naturally over a period of several months. Icaro is then put to rest in 350-litre oak casks for a period of at least 24/30 months. After ageing, it is bottled and remains in the bottle for about 2/4 months before being sold.


A simple Pergola in the vineyards located in Gaon at 450m. These are vineyards with the best exposure to the sun and are situated in clayey, heavy soils with a prevalent skeleton.

Località Gaon
Caprino Veronese (VR)
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